Our Mission:
Our mission is to nurture the development of future doctors and healthcare professionals through a supportive and academically rigorous educational program for middle school students from disadvantaged and underrepresented backgrounds.

Academia Menor de Ciencias Médicas (JAMS)

Declaración de la Misión:
Nuestra misión es nutrir el desarrollo de los futuros médicos y profesionales de la salud a través de un programa educativo de apoyo y con rigor académico para los estudiantes de secundaria desventajados y insuficientemente representadas.

About JAMS

What is J.A.M.S.?

JAMS stands for Junior Academy of Medical Sciences. JAMS is a special academic enrichment program for qualified and motivated 7th - 8th-grade students. JAMS is NOT a club; it is a Leadership Course offered as a single course within the daily class schedule. JAMS is a two-year Middle School program that continues through grades 9-12.

Program Goals:

  • To prepare Middle School students for a rigorous high school academic experience that will lead to meeting entrance requirements to a University.

  • Expose middle school students to colleges and universities.

  • Increase student knowledge of scientific and health-related topics relevant to a future career in the health professions.

  • Develop skills that will enhance students’ academic, social, and leadership abilities.

    Selection Basis:

  • Students participate in a competitive application process.

  • Priority is given to educationally and/or economically disadvantaged students.

  • Letter(s) of recommendation are required by English and/or Math Instructors.

    Expectations of Students:

  • Commit to the program for the entire 2 years of Middle School.

  • Maintain a 2.8 grade point average (GPA).

  • Attend 75% of the extracurricular JAMS activities offered.

  • Participate in after-school enrichment activities, study trips, workshops, service events, summer programs, and College Ed activities that enhance student achievement.

  • Attend tutorial sessions and seek academic support from JAMS teachers and tutors when recommended.